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Apps for Better iPhone Photos

As a photographer, I appreciate quality camera gear. It's nice to have a couple of camera bodies and an assortment of lenses to choose from when I'm planning a shoot. I can't carry that stuff with me everywhere though. That's why a lot of my life's candid moments get captured with the little 3-megapixel camera inside my iPhone. And, because I take so many pictures with my iPhone I've found a few tools in the app store that help me get better results.

Tell a friend and you BOTH save 25%!

I'm happy to offer a new referral program for portrait photography customers. Now when you refer a friend they'll get 25% knocked off of their session fee.

But wait there's more...

The next time you need a portrait session, you're going to get a 25% discount off of your session fee too! (click "read more" for details)

Free Portrait Mondays on Facebook!

I'm giving away one free portrait session every Monday on Facebook! Want a chance at getting it? Just go to my Facebook page and click "Become a Fan." You'll get to see photos from my photo sessions popping up periodically in your news feed. AND, every Monday you'll see an announcement about the free portrait giveaway. The first person to comment under that announcement gets the session.

Recently Unemployed? You could get a FREE headshot!

Searching for a job today often involves social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook for networking with potential employers. In order to make a good impression you probably want to use a decent professional headshot for your profile photo. If that's your situation then email me and tell me your story. You may get a free portrait session.

This isn't charity. I'm participating in the Strobist "Boot Camp" this summer and this headshot is the first project. I'll need you sign a model release and take a picture of me but your session is free and so are the digital copies of the photos.

Talking Photography with the Girl Scouts

I spoke to the girl scout troop at Back Creek UMC tonight. The girls are working on a couple of photography badges. I did my best to answer their questions, showed off some of my photos, talked about retouching then had a blast playing with the gear.

Unfortunately, there were no Samoas anywhere in sight.

Come on ride the train!

I can now book portrait sessions at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer NC. It's an excellent location for playful photos with children or an industrial edgy look for teens and adults.

At least two weeks advance notice is needed for train sessions. No additional location fees are required.

Portrait gallery updated

I've just finished updating the portrait gallery on this web site with some photos from my recent shoots. Check out my full body of portrait work by clicking below:

Greg Mills Photography, Concord, NC: Portrait Gallery

Three hours with Meredith.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon with Meredith. We were doing environmental portraits for about three hours. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session.

Out for a run with Jake

This is why I like to take photos outside of a studio. Natural environments are so much more interesting. Here are a few photos from yesterday morning's shoot with Jake.

Making the best of rainy day.

Here are a couple of shots from yesterday morning's shoot with Angel. It was cold and rainy but the shelter of the Village Park Amphitheater in Kannapolis saved the day.

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